Debunking Workplace Myths

The nervous nellies, the blamers, the finger pointers – you know who I’m talking about.  Those employees/co-workers who display bad behaviors because they are traumatized from previous experience.  You can spot them a mile away.  They are constantly playing the game of CYA.  It’s sad, really.  Why do employees feel this way at work?  I’ll … Continue reading Debunking Workplace Myths

$15.00 Minimum Wage – It’s Time to Take Drastic Measures

The title’s a little dramatic but I wanted to get your attention.  President Joe Biden addressed the American people two weeks ago and outlined the beginning of his initial priorities as he takes office.  One of the key issues is the federal minimum wage – the proposal is to increase to $15.00 per hour.  While … Continue reading $15.00 Minimum Wage – It’s Time to Take Drastic Measures

It’s Most Important to Have the Conversation

After 5 years with the same company, an employee makes the difficult decision to take a new opportunity.  This decision is not made lightly; there are many factors to consider.  The time spent at the current organization has been great; however, there is no room for growth.  After talking with his family, this employee accepts … Continue reading It’s Most Important to Have the Conversation

It’s Not Them…It’s You!

I love the start of a new client relationship.  It’s exciting to start digging into a business; you never know what you’ll find.  I particularly enjoy learning about an organization’s culture, especially when the organization has never had formalized HR before.  It is so interesting to talk with owners and managers about the good, the … Continue reading It’s Not Them…It’s You!