It’s OK to Slow Down

I recently completed my first BigTen 10K (virtual) race.  Here’s the before shot:

I have to say it felt pretty good; I was proud of my accomplishment.  Due to weather issues, I had to do it on a treadmill, but it worked well.  Not particularly fast (1:20:06) but slow and steady. 

Here’s the after shot:

(And yes, like any true Ohio State fan, I crossed through the ‘M’ logos on my headband with a black Sharpie.  Go Bucks!)

I’ve been in marathon training mode since February.  It’s gone fairly well.  Summer has not been friendly for outdoor running (hot!) but I’m still making progress.  One important lesson I’ve learned recently is that it’s OK to slow down. 

I’ve never been a ‘runner’.  I would never use that adjective to describe myself.  Until now.  I recently read a quote that stated, ‘it’s not about how fast or slow you run; you’re a runner because you made the decision to put on your shoes and go.’  That really stuck with me.  I make the choice to put my shoes on and head out about 3 times per week – heck yeah, I’m a runner! 

It’s OK to slow down.  Somedays, it’s a necessity.  Other days, I’m ready to go faster.  The important thing is that I’m listening to my body and I’m adjusting.  I want to enjoy it and keep going. 

If this global pandemic teaches us anything, I hope it is that it’s OK to slow down.  In this ever-changing environment, we must take pause and find our pace.  Today may be very different from tomorrow.  And that’s OK. 

In the hustle and bustle of the ‘normal’ world, it was hard to stop and reflect.  In our current chaotic environment, it’s nearly impossible.  And that is incredibly unfortunate because I see individuals, businesses, and organizations doing things they never would have done before now.  My hypothesis is that they are so caught up in the craziness that they are operating in a purely reactive state; not much proactive thought is going into actions before they are taken. 

We all lose our way from time to time.  It happens.  The important thing is to recognize the change and take steps to get back on track.  Sometimes that means we have to slow down in order to fully examine what has taken place.  And when you’re on the outside of a situation, you should give grace and come from a place of empathy. 

I’m off for a run.  Care to join me?  I’ll go slow, I promise. 

I want to share my upcoming speaking schedule.  I hope you will join me at a session soon!

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